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At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. and Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC we pride ourselves on being unique yet effective wildlife control team. We are not like most pest control or animal control companies. We do not simply trap and relocate nuisance animals or use poisons to "solve" your rodent problem. We like to get rid of the nuisance wildlife, prevent the return, and back it with a guarantee. Sure trapping and relocation methods work, but are quite useless if your don't seal up entry points and prevent the wildlife return. Most pest control operators or exterminators are specialists in the insect industry and do not know much about nuisance wildlife. Below we have summarized some of our wildlife control services and specialties.

Specialized Wildlife Control Services

Attic Decontamination- Bat guano and animal waste removal

Insulation Removal
Attic Decontamination
Insulation Services
Odor Control
Antimicrobial Agents and Air Scrubbers

We have been providing bat control services for nearly 20 years

Live Bat Exclusions
Bat Prevention
Bat Proofing
Poison Free Bat Exterminator
Bat Guano Clean Up Services
Commercial Bat Control

Solving bird problems both residential and commercial

Commercial Bird Control
Bird Netting
Visual Bird Deterrents
Physical Bird Deterrents
Bird Repellents and Optical Gels
Nest Clean-up and Prevention

Rodent Control Services

  • Poison Free Mice Control Services

  • Mice, Rat, and Squirrel Trapping

  • Rodent Exclusion Services

Poison Free Mice Control

We take care of many types of rodents in the wildlife control industry. In Oakland County, MI we typically handle mice, rats, and squirrels. Our techniques for rodent control is much different than any pest control company or exterminator. We never use poisons in the attic or home to "get rid of" your problem pest. Poisons may seem to work at first, but in reality it is only doing more harm than good. We take on a much different approach than the lazy way. Sure it's easy to put poison all over your house, but then what? Rodents need somewhere to die once they consume poison. Most of the time they die in your attic, walls, or in your house. Our rodent control service is much like any other nuisance wildlife. We find the core of the problem and exclude them by trapping, exclusion, and prevention. No poisons needed.

All Other Animal Control Services

Animal Trapping

Providing wild animal trapping services for  raccoons, skunks, coyotes, opossums, groundhogs, fox, and more. We humanely trap and relocate any nuisance wild animal.

Bat House Install

We install bat houses on open trees and poles to relocate colonies of bats to control the insect population on your property. Relocation of bat colonies into bat houses does not always work.


We carry high ladders and aerial lifts to get any size job done. Our expertise in large buildings is what sets apart from our competitions. We can solve your nuisance wildlife problem for birds, bats, rodents and any other wildlife issue.

Dead Animal

Unfortunate thing in nature is when wildlife die. Even more unfortunate is when they die in your home. We often get calls in Oakland County, MI about a smell in the wall or ceiling. Even a dead mouse can smell larger than it is.

Wildlife Inspections

The most important part of wildlife is the home inspection. Inspecting the attic, roof, foundations, chimney, and perimeter of the home can help you eliminate your wildlife pest from your home. Finding the entry point is the first step.


We get rid of bats and other nuisance wildlife from all types of residential homes. Home styles we service are gable, log cabin, flat roof, colonial, brick, t-111, custom homes, and all other types of residential homes.

Chimney Caps

We install chimney caps for standard chimney flu sizes. Chimney caps keep, birds, bats, raccoon's, squirrels and all nuisance wildlife out. Also a good way to keep leaves, rains, snow and other harmful things our of your fireplace.

Deck Screening

Many Home owners have problems with animals like raccoon's, skunks, opossums, and other nuisance wildlife living under their deck. The most effective way to keep wildlife out from underneath your deck is with screening and a deck barrier.

Wildlife Exclusions

We take a different approach when getting rid of wildlife from your home. Live exclusions of squirrels, mice, rats, birds, and bats is our specialty. Getting rid of wildlife and keeping them out is the best way to solve your problem.


If you have damages caused by nuisance wildlife like bats or raccoon's chances are your home owners insurance could help with the damages. We work with many types of insurance companies to help have your attic decontaminated and restored for health and structural reasons.


Our maintenance programs are designed to keep wildlife out for several years. By using preventative caulking, screening, flashing and capping can keep wildlife out for years. We keep up on repairs every year to make sure your home stays wildlife free.

Michigan Wildlife Control Solutions


We are not your everyday animal trappers. We use many different ways and solutions to solve nuisance wildlife. Trapping can be effective, but often times it takes more than just trapping and relocating animals to solve a pest problem. keeping them out for good is the best method to the wildlife control industry. If you need a free inspection or questions about our services reach out to us for a free wildlife control quote.